How to Speak Chiropractic


Chiropractic is new and different. Each time something is introduced into society, it is accompanied by its own terms to describe it. Chiropractic is no exception. The following words are the Chiropractic Lexicon.


Here are some terms that help describe this new Philosophy, Art, and Science. If you are going down the Chiropractic path, here are some hints to help walk the talk and talk the walk.


Adaptability is the intellectual ability that an organism possesses of responding to all forces which come to it, whether Innate or Universal. All the signs of life, no matter what the form, are motions of a certain kind. They must be expressed by motion of matter; else they cannot be signs. Adaptability is the ability to adapt by virtue of having Intellectual Adaptation….Adaptability is the ability to perform the above processes. The definition mentions the intellectual ability to respond to forces. This implies an applied force; which would be environment. ates sensibility. If intelligence were not present the structure would receive the environmental forces passively, as a lump of clay. Organisms, however, show the presence of intelligence by the manifestations of that intelligence, in judging every circumstance of environment. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 36 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Adjustment A Chiropractic adjustment is the restoration of a subluxated vertebra to its normal position, by Innate Intelligence. Source: The Art of Chiropractic p. 5 R.W. Stephenson 1927


ADIO Short for Above-Down Inside-Out.

Art of Chiropractic The technic of adjusting is art. ... A Chiropractor not only is a scientist but should be an artist; skilled with mind and hand. Source: The Art of Chiropractic p. 5 R.W. StephensonDC Ph. C  1927


Chiropractic is a Philosophy, Science, and Art of things Natural; a system of adjusting the articulations of the spinal column, by hand only, for the correction of the cause of dis-ease. Source: BJ Palmer, DC p.833 Up From Below The Bottom


Chiropractic Curse a non-chiropractic word used to describe something in Chiropractic that makes ChiropracTORs cringe (Like a curse) ex. Patient says “ hey doc can you crack, snap, pop, bang, pound, click, jump, manipulate, thump, clunk, crackle, poke, punch, smack, knock, clap, slap, squish, smash, bash, hit, strike, crush, smoosh, rap, tap, whack, pat, push, shove, bam, ram, slam, jam, nudge, stick, jab, prod, pry that bone in my back.” Source: Our practice members

Chiropractic Meaning of Life The expression of this intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of life. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. xxxi R.W. Stephenson DC Ph. C. 1927

Chiropractic’s Mission Mission of Chiropractic is to move the world.., which will be done when it becomes known and is appreciated by masses for its true value. Source: BJ Palmer, DC Ph. C. p.161 Conflict’s Clarify


Chiropractoid see medi-practor.

Deduction vs. Induction reasons that the whole thing is like any of its parts, the conclusion being based upon a representative number of parts, going from the specific to the general. It is accurate if all the data have been found; if all the parts have beenobserved. Sometimes the conclusion is arbitrary, disregarding some of the parts which are different from the rest, if they are far in the minority. Inductive reasoning goes hand in hand with laboratory work because a laboratory is a place where parts of the whole are examined. For this reason it is unsuited to Chiropractic and applicable to the science of medicine. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. xviii R.W. Stephenson 1927


Chiropractic is a deductive science. The deductions are based upon a major premise that life is intelligent; that there is an Intelligent Creator, Who created matter, attends to its existence and gives to it all that it has. Many of the deductions are now proven facts because of thousands of clinical findings supporting them; and thousands of observations of the Laws of this Intelligence. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. xvi R.W. Stephenson 1927

Dis-ease is due to a vertebral subluxation which occludes an opening, impinges nerve channels, and offers interference to the transmission of mental impulse supply between brain and body. Source: p389 Galen R. Price The Chiropractic Textbook 1948 ed.


Dis-ease is a term used in Chiropractic, meaning not having ease. It is the condition of matter when it does not have ease. In Chiropractic, ease is the entity, and dis-ease is the lack of it.


Dis-ease, in Chiropractic, is indicative of the body being minus something that should be restored, in order to make it normal; that is, in various modes of expression the body lacks


ease, health, coordination, transmission, adaptation, well being, 100% quality, soundness, sanity, etc., which must be brought Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 80 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Disease a term used by physicians for sickness. To them it is an entity that one can have and is worthy of a name, hence diagnosis. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 80 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Finite means limited, or bounded. Finite is a term applied to Innate Intelligence, because it is a finite portion of Universal Intelligence taking care of a finite portion of matter. Being finite in this sense, Innate capabilities are limited by matter. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 16 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Innate Forces arranged by Innate for use in the body. They are Universal Forces assembled or adapted for dynamic functional power; to cause tissue cells to function; or to offer resistance to environment. Innate Forces may be for adaptation to other Universal Forces, which have not been adapted; to balance, annul, check, augment, or otherwise adapt them. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 79 R.W. Stephenson 1927

Universal Forces are the generalized forces of the Universe, which obey Universal (physical) laws, and are not adapted for constructive purposes.. (Prin. 11.) Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 76 R.W. Stephenson 1927



Health is a condition in which all the matter of the body receives the proper quantity and quality of nervous energy (Mental Impulses) as a prerequisite to coordinated functional activity. Source: p389 Galen R. Price The Chiropractic Textbook 1948 ed.


Infinite means unlimited; no boundary; not defined. The material universe, as mentioned in the foregoing article, is infinite; it has no boundary. The immaterial universe, meaning the intelligence which governs the universe, with all its matter, qualities, and abstractions, is likewise infinite. Infinite is a descriptive term applied to Universal Intelligence, therefore. (Prin.1.) Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 16 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Educated Associated with each individual is an intelligence which starts out as a blank, it learns to think and reason, its knowledge is gained by daily contact with its surroundings. This intellect I saw fit to name Educated, because without an education it would be a nonentity, it could not exist, and only does so in proportion as its growth is made by education. ...Educated commences with life and ends with it. Source: The Chiropractor’s Adjuster p. 493 DD Palmer. Founder of Chiropractic 1910

Innate To express the individualized intelligence which runs all the functions of our bodies during our wakeful and sleeping hours, I chose the name Innate. Innate— born with. And so far I would not change it except to replace it with the name of that individualized entity which really is a part or portion of that All Wise, Almighty, Universal Intelligence, the Great Spirit, the Greek’s Theos, the Christian’s God, the Hebrew’s Helohim, the Mahometan’s Allah, Hahneman’s Vital Force, new thot’s Divine Spark, the Indian’s Great Spirit, Hudson’s Subconscious Mind, the Christian Scientist’s All Goodness, the Allopath’s Vis Medicatrix Naturae—the healing power of nature. Source: The Chiropractor’s Adjuster p. 493 DD Palmer. Founder of Chiropractic 1910

Universal The universe is composed of matter and intelligence; the former is acted upon by the latter. All impulses of the planetary system and the animals which inhabit it, are directed by this universal intelligence which is individualized according to their needs. Source: The Chiropractor’s Adjuster p. 174 DD Palmer. Founder of Chiropractic 1910

Universal, is the sum total of the conscious intelligent element or factor manifested in the universe.  Source: The Chiropractor’s Adjuster p. 56 DD Palmer. Founder of Chiropractic 1910



Life The meaning of the term life has many interpretations. It is usually accepted to mean existence, or duration, or a vague idea of both. To Chiropractic, it is definitely the expression of intelligence; the manifestation of intelligence. Then in this broad sense the meaning is not limited to mere organic matter, but includes all matter. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 237-238 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter.  Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. xxxi R.W. Stephenson 1927

Limitations of Matter Innate’s expression is limited by the limitations of matter. (Prin. 5, 24.) To express infinite wisdom, Innate would require infinite brain tissue. Therefore the educated mind is finite and also limited to a lifetime,.. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 240 R.W. Stephenson 1927 


A Chiropractor can work only within the ability of health within each patient.  How we react to chiropractic is exclusive to our own individaul make up.  How much the body heals is determined within the limitations of the matter which composes each person.

Major Premise Of Chiropractic  Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions.  Thus maintaining it in existence. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 236 R.W. Stephenson 1927

Medi-practor a chiropractor that does not serve through chiropractic, but rather performs service with the same testing, intent, and procedures that an MD performs. Basically, an MD wanna be. A patient would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Medical Doctor and a Medi-practor.


Mixer A mixer is a practitioner who in his practice mixes Chiropractic and parts of allopathic medicine in varying degrees. Some use a very small part of Chiropractic, some only using the name and a large part of allopathic medicine, including massage, medicine, baths, dietetics and orificial surgery, while others use a large part of Chiropractic and only a small part of allopathic medicine.


Of course, the fundamentals of the Art, Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic and the theory of allopathic medicine are diametrically opposed to each other; and it may be difficult to conceive how they can conscientiously practice two opposite systems at the same time, but they do. Source: Vol. 17 Malpractice as applied to Chiropractic p. 17 A.T. Holmes Esq. 1924

Move A move is a mechanical movement given by an adjustor with the intention of adjusting a subluxation. Source: The Art of Chiropractic p. 6 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Orthopractor is a medipractor who actually does not call themselves a chiropractor.  We do not participate in this practice, but support it. They no longer do chiropractic, and invented this new profession to call themselves something different. Source: Our opinion


Retracing Retracing is the course of restoration from dis-ease back to health. Every case retraces, for if there is a departure from health, there must be a return to it, if there is restoration. When a case retraces, it passes back through the successive steps, in reverse order, that it passed through in getting worse. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 98 R.W. Stephenson 1927   In other words sometimes a person experiences/retraces old injuries when the body is correcting problems on it 's journey back to health.

Safety Pin Cycle “safety pin” cycle, just a simple diagram of brain cell to tissue cell. Source: The Chiropractic Textbook p. 9 R.W. Stephenson 1927 It is used to explain how the body sends messages from the Brain Cell (BC) to the Tissue Cell (TC).


Spizzerinctum Ambition, energy; the will to succeed Source: Webster's Third International Dictionary BJ Palmer, DC Ph. C. The Developer of Chiropractic used this word to describe Chiropractic Enthusiasm.


Straight Chiropractor The Straight Chiropractor can be briefly defined as one who confines his adjustments to vertebrae of the spine only. Source: The Evolution of Chiropractic Its Discovery and Development p. 123 A. Aug. Dye, D.C. 1939


Subluxation A subluxation is the condition of a vertebra that has lost it’s proper juxtaposition with the one above or the one below or both; ...which impinges nerves and interferes with the transmission of mental impulses. All the factors of this definition must be given to make it complete and to make it Chiropractic, for unless it is the cause of dis-ease it is not a subluxation according to Chiropractic. Source: The Art of Chiropractic p. 5-6 R.W. Stephenson 1927


Subluxation Based Chiropractor since subluxations cause dis-ease, some chiropractor based on dis-ease instead of being Principled in that which defines chiropractic might be better left uncalled. They are based on things not working at ease. Why? I don’t know, but until they get it straight it is our opinion to stay clear. Source: Our opinion.


Technic The style of the art of adjusting. There are well over 100 different technics.


Tone is that state or condition of a body, or any of its organs or parts, in which the organic or animal functions are performed with due vigor. Source: The Chiropractor’s Adjuster p. 659 DD Palmer. Founder of Chiropractic 1910


Vertebral Subluxation see subluxation