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We know Chiropractic is different.  It is a revolutionary and evolutionary approach toward health.

It works on your body from inside-out. This is opposite of traditional methods of the outside-in, medical practices. Chiropractic works with the Nerve system. If you’re asking what does that have to do with my health?

If you turn your brain off, the rest of the body does not know how to function. Thus your physical existence is greatly hindered not to mention your health.

Chiropractors help your body’s all important nerve system to function better from the brain above to the body below. How? By helping you stay free of nerve interference on the inside. This nerve interference is Chiropractically known as a subluxation. Basically, it mixes up the proper function message from the brain, and causes the improper delivery of the brain’s message. This leads to improper function. Your body, once working at ease, is now disfunctional in a state of Dis-ease.
What is the special offer?

Chiropractic is new and different from everything you have experienced in the past. For this reason, we invite you to get checked for the nerve interfering subluxations. This your chance to meet us and ask questions. This consultation is our gift to you. Call us at 845-878-6200 for a time and directions, and please mention you met us on the net.

See you soon?  It's a matter of Life and Health,
John Maher, Chiropractor

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